Words can be lethal


To the Editor:

In “As Israel’s Image Sinks, Whither Israeli PR?,” JTA notes that Israel is losing the propaganda war with the Palestinians, but writes with the same language used by Israel’s enemies.

“Israel’s deadly May 31 raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla sparked  angry editorials …”  The words “deadly raid” and “aid flotilla” have become a mantra catering to the image of Israelis as brutal. Why not write, “Israel’s justified attempt to stop the May 31 effort to break her blockade of Gaza by flotillas sent from Turkey sparked angry editorials”? This puts the onus of criticism of Israel on those writing the angry editorials, while the article justifies the angry editorials against Israel.

Words can be lethal. Never use them carelessly.

Roberta Kalechofsky
Marblehead, Mass.

(This letter originally appeared in the Jewish Journal/Boston North newspaper.)

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