Candidate: Proud to be on J Street’s ‘enemies list’


To the Editor:

J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami attacks me in his Op-Ed titled "Making the case for ‘Yes.’ " I am proud to find myself among Alan Dershowitz, Elie Wiesel and Joe Lieberman on J Street’s “enemies list.”

My opponent, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), is one of J Street’s biggest supporters in Congress. She also held a fund-raiser with Helen Thomas in May that J Street attended.

The choice is clear for pro-Israel voters.

Ben-Ami and J Street threw a cocktail party recently in Chicago on the eve of Tisha B’Av, the Jewish day of mourning for Jerusalem. En route to the synagogue, I dropped in and challenged Ben-Ami to host a community forum for me and my opponent, the way real pro-Israel groups do.

He said no. J Street’s leaders are not interested in debate, only division.

In its attack ad, J Street includes several Jews in the evil “Chorus of No,” but none in the good “Community of Yes.” Recently, Ben-Ami also asked the Obama administration to single out Jewish charities that J Street opposes.

For J Street, being “pro-peace” means attacking Jewish leaders and institutions. It is the wrong approach, at the wrong time.

Joel Pollak
GOP nominee, U.S. Congress
9th District, Illinois

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