JCC leader off base on Ground Zero center


To the Editor:

What a shame that Jewish big shots are so often helping the Jewish enemies to destroy the Jewish people. Please ask the JCC leaders when Muslims are going to start helping with Jewish projects? Maybe when we will be digging our graves.

My husband was a block away from the Twin Towers, and in the city where I live many people were affected by 9/11. Some families lost their beloved. But Jewish leaders are afraid of naming the enemy — Islam. They would support the biggest provocation of Muslims — the Islamic center on our graves. What is the reason? Are they going to fall in love with us? To give money to the Jewish causes? To stop the massacre of Jews?

The Jewish people survived because we had a goal to defeat our enemies, to preserve our values, our identity, our religion. We were strong and could sacrifice our lives for the Jewish causes. We could fight, we could name our enemies, we could hate our destroyers.

Now? We are going to help them to kill us physically and morally?

I wish our "leaders" would listen to our opinions.

Alla Kotler
Livingston, N.J.

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