Turkish trailer filmed on Marmara is released


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A trailer for an anti-Israel Turkish movie filmed in part aboard the Marmara has been released.

"Valley of the Wolves-Palestine," which will be released in Turkish theaters on Jan. 28, presents the Turkish version of the Israeli interception of a Turkish ship that was part of a flotilla trying to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza. Nine Turkish nationals were killed during the May 31 operation.

The movie, the third film in a series, follows a fictitious hit squad as it travels to Israel to assassinate the Israeli military officers responsible for the Marmara operation.

It is a spinoff of a Turkish television show that often demonizes Israel and Jews, and has contributed to the rift in Israeli-Turkish relations. A previous film in the series, "Valley of the Wolves-Iraq," showed Israeli doctors harvesting the organs of Iraqis and sending them to Israel for transplant.

In January, Israel summoned the Turkish ambassador to Israel after Turkey refused to remove the show from Turkish television. The reprimand, in which the ambassador was humiliated by being seated in a lower chair without a Turkish flag in the room, led to Ankara recalling its ambassador.

The $10 million production price tag for "Valley of the Wolves-Palestine" makes it the most expensive film ever made in Turkey, Ynet reported.

The trailer shows Israeli soldiers on the top deck of the Marmara firing rifles at the ship’s passengers, who are armed with pipes and sticks. 

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