‘Blood libel’ a justified response


To the Editor:

It is beyond disgusting and hypocritical for the left-wing, self-hating Jewish Democrats to first unleash a barrage of lies and calumnies on Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and conservatives in the wake of the lunatic mass murderer in Tucson, and then to whine about the use of the term "blood libel" when Governor Palin defends herself.

If ever there was a justified application of this odious appellation, it is now in the response to the mass hysteria propagated by the extremist Democrats and their henchmen in the mass media. It aptly describes what has been perpetrated by The New York Times and their Nobel Prize-winning editorialist Paul Krugman, the feckless sheriff of Pima County and the hatemongers on MSNBC.

If anybody needs to change their rhetoric, it is this vile bunch that the majority of liberal Jews from the Northeastern ghetto are so proud to be associated with. May I suggest that they should look into the mirror and at their anti-Semitic friends in the Democratic Party before getting their diapers in a knot about the use of a term that in the current circumstances describes the situation as succinctly as possible.

We Jews don’t have a monopoly on being libeled and falsely accused of heinous acts.

Alex Golan
Denver, Colo.

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