Glenn Beck and the Fogels


The Jewish Funds for Justice is continuing is campaign to drive Glenn Beck off the radio airwaves in New York, joining some other liberals in accusing the host of dabbling in anti-Semitic tropes. But Gary Rosenblatt of the New York Jewish Week took up the cause of the Israeli parents and small children murdered in their beds earlier this month:

It was left to Glenn Beck, the highly controversial Fox TV host, to stir up our emotions as no one else in the mainstream media has over the Fogel murders, reminding me that when Jews are killed because they are Jews, all of us should feel the heartache.

You can love Beck or hate him, consider him an ardent friend of Israel for speaking fervently of his support for Jerusalem, or a covert anti-Semite for suggesting the Jews killed Jesus or for making frequent inappropriate references the Holocaust and Nazis.

But his three separate tributes to the Fogels on his show last week seemed to come from the heart, each spoken in a tender, intimate tone.

Here’s video from two of the segments Beck has done on the subject:

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