Haim Saban can’t ‘break’ what he never forged


Much blogobluster about entertainment mogul Haim Saban’s indication on CNBC last night that he won’t be giving money to President Obama this cycle.

Commmentary headlines it this way: Key Jewish Donor Breaks with Obama.

Except Saban and Obama never were an item. Saban did everything he could to push Hillary Rodham Clinton past the post in 2008 and since then hasn’t had a change of heart. As far as I can make out from Open Secrets, the man never supported Obama, period.

Saban maintained his support of congressional Democrats then, and he tells CNBC that it’s the same now.

So, to borrow my colleagues’ phrase, Vos iz neias?

UPDATE: Laura Rozen, via Twitter, gets the goods: Saban never gave to Obama.

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