And even more on Jews in 2012


Adam Kredo at the Washington Jewish Week goes deep into whether President Obama and "1967 lines (with swaps!)" costs the Democrats next year.

Most interesting: Background quotes from each camp reinforce the other side:

Even if Jews remain financially loyal to the campaign, "there is a general unease and uncertainty about President Obama," admitted a prominent liberal Jewish leader who would only speak anonymously on this sensitive issue. "This unremitting drumbeat of criticism, in this case aided by the stark focus on ’67 borders by the [Israeli] prime minister, has softened support."


"It’s been a fantasy of Republicans for decades that eventually the Jews will come around to them," explained one Jewish GOP operative who agreed to speak on background.

Asked if Jewish donors would actually flee the Democratic Party, the source responded: "I doubt it. Maybe a few people, but will it be substantial? Will it be a factor in the race? I doubt it."

Sounds like these folks need to get together and reassure one another. 

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