Emmy nominations 2011: The chosen were barely chosen


The nominations for the 63rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards were published earlier today and the industry’s finest Jewish actors and actresses were mostly left out.

Akiva Schaffer, left, and Andy Samberg are nominated for the their SNL and "The Lonely Island" awesomeness (Photo by TV Squad Juia)

The only actress of Jewish decent who was nominated for a major award was Julianna Marguiles, for her work in “The Good Wife.”

It’s not like there were a bunch of them to begin with, since Lea Michele of “Glee,” who was nominated in 2010, is not a nominee. Jeremy Piven was also snubbed for his role as LA-SuperJew Ari Gold in the show “Entourage,” but that is not a major surprise, because “Entourage” stopped being good since about the Beijing Olympics.

A ray of light for the tribe comes from brilliant minds such as Steven Levitan, co-creater of the ABC hilarious hit “Modern Family,” Seth Green for his “Robot-Chicken” work, Matt Stone for “South Park” and  of course, Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer of SNL and “The Lonely Island.”

To be honest, I’d take Samberg and Michael Bolton singing about Pirates of the Carribians over Lea Michele singing horrible covers in “Glee” any day.


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