On the mark on the next generation


To the Editor:

Congratulations to Joel Alperson for his thoughtful and provocative article. I myself have wondered often if we allow the successes we enjoy in values transmission to cloud the shortcomings and challenges we as a community face in transmitting core knowledge and commitment. Although inspiring our children to do acts of kindness is essential, as Mr. Alperson points out, it is not enough.

At RAVSAK, the field leader in Jewish education, we work to strengthen and sustain the Jewish life, leadership and learning of community day schools, ensuring a vibrant Jewish future. Jewish community day schools across North America and beyond make possible a rich and nuanced Jewish education, blending sacred Torah learning and a meaningful call to action, for Jewish children and families from across the spectrum. Jewish community day schools are an insurance policy for meaning, purpose and peoplehood to remain part of the fabric of American Jewish life.

"Kol hakavod" to Mr. Alperson for writing this much-needed article and encouraging all of us to think about how we can educate, empower and engage the next generation of Jews.

Dr. Marc N. Kramer
Executive Director
RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network
New York, N.Y.

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