The clothes off her back


Photo by nuflicks

Shortly after Amy Winehouse died, her father, Mitch, distributed his daughter’s clothing to fans outside of her London flat. But that was not the end of her sartorial legacy. British clothing company Fred Perry has just announced that it will release the clothing line she had created with the company before she died after having received the blessing of Amy’s family, according to E! Online.

Winehouse was about as well known for her personal style — towering beehives, thick eyeliner, body conscious dresses — as she was for her prodigious musical talent so it was only natural for her to branch out into clothing design. (Better a clothing line than another celebrity fragrance, I say.)

When the line was first announced in the fall, Winehouse proclaimed that she dressed “like I’m an old black Jewish man.” If this tasteful clothing line is any indication then old Jewish men prefer houndstooth and cardigans.

All profits from the sale of Winehouse’s line will go to the soon to be established Amy Winehouse Foundation, which will help children and young people.

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