Updated list of Tisha B’Av calamities


As riots rage in London today and Wall Street wakes up after two days of massive declines, the significance of this date on the Jewish calendar is not lost.

The Ninth of Av is a day that has taken on mythical and historical significance as a day on which calamity befalls the Jewish people. Jewish summer camps conduct programming reflecting on anti-semitism and other tragedies affecting the Jewish people such as the Holocaust and the Inquisition.

While the list below doesn’t necessarily represent the Zeitgeist of any particular year (or even day), it offers informal educators and other readers an updated sample of disheartening articles and news reports about Jewish people around the globe, as gleaned from the JTA Jewish News Archive:


Thanks to Miriam Grossman for research assistance.

Image by Jean Michel Etchecolonea/via Wikimedia Commons

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