Daniel Radcliffe reveals girlfriend
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Daniel Radcliffe reveals girlfriend

Daniel Radcliff and girlfriend Roseanne Coker (INFphoto)

The actor, who recently ended his role as Harry Potter, was finally seen in public with most recent girlfriend, 22-year old Roseanne Coker of Surrey, UK.
It is quite the Cinderella story, actually.
The two met while Coker was the production assistant on Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince back in 2007.
Radcliffe and Coker worked together on three more films, and started dating about a year ago.
According to the Daily Mail, Coker’s dad is a painter and decorator and mom is a birthday card designer. Not exactly royalty, but festive for sure.
Coker is also one of the reasons why Radcliffe quit drinking, he told GQ a few months ago, proving that even the strongest wizard is weak to the spell of women.
Okay I’m gonna go barf now.