Seth Green drops Jewish last name!


Seth Benjamin Green (photo by Gage Skidmore)

Did you know Seth Green’s full name is actually Seth Benjamin Gesshal-Green? Neither did we.

Well, if you thought you can wow your friends with this juicy trivia item, think again.

TMZ reports that the voice behind Family Guy’s Chris Griffin and the producer of Robot Chicken filed an official petition to the L.A. County Superior Court, asking to legally drop his mom’s maiden name, Gesshal.

According to Green, the reason to the change it “to reflect my professional stage name.”

Yes, because the producer of a late-night show about awkwardly-moving dolls has to keep it professional.

Hopefully the recent change won’t affect the Jewish side of Robot Chicken, and we will still be able to see characters like Scooby Jew and the Jewish James Bond – Ross Hashanah:

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