Adam Levine’s buzzy week


Photo by Donna Lou Morgan

Is it us or does Adam Levine really notwant  us to forget about him?

It seems like he’s been buzzing like crazy, and to be honest, Adam has kinda taken his toll on us.

It started Sunday, when the Maroon 5 singer tweeted some obscenities towards the MTV VMAs.

He later said that he did so because “MTV U.S. hasn’t played a video on television in years in its entirety, and I just find it a little silly that they have the VMAs, considering they don’t play videos and they don’t support music really, and then one day a year, they decide to focus on music alone, and I have an issue with that.”

Agh, the good ol’ “MTV doesn’t play any music!” rant. Yeah OK, we get it. People watch MTV for the reality, and it’s been going on for a while. The VMA is also just a big show, do you really think that a song is better just because it won the little astronaut? Neither did we.

A couple days after his Tweets Levine told HuffPost that he is “not a fan of singing competitions.” Wait, you probably wonder what about The Voice, the singing competition Levine is a judge of? Ah, no, The Voice is alright, says Levine: “It’s just a very sincere, honest show where we were allowed to speak our minds and be ourselves and help people along–in a real way.” Way to get yourself out of that one.

But that’s not all. Levine and Maroon 5 are also on top of the U.S. record chart, for their song “Moves Like Jagger,” featuring Levine’s fellow Voice judge, Christina Aguilera.

Did all of this make you a little sick? Do you need a drink? How about getting the Maroon 5 Snapple!  The band released its very own iced tea, titled “Tea Will Be Loved” (Like their song “She Will Be Loved,” get it?). A bit much? Well, at least it’s for a good cause (Feeding America).

Here at 6NoBacon, we enjoy getting updates about celebrities who are doing a lot, but I think we are done with Levine until mid-October.

Hope you are all okay with it. If you miss him, drink the tea.

It helps hungry people.

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