Mayim Bialik shops for the perfect Emmy dress


Bialik with her elbows (presumably) exposed. (Mingle Media TV)


When an actress selects a dress for an awards shows, she probably takes the following into consideration: the color, the cut and the current fashion trends.

But does she concern herself with an exposed elbow?

Well, she does if she’s Mayim Bialik, who appears on the CBS comedy Big Bang Theory. The actress, who is an observant Jew, published her account of the search for the perfect and modest Emmy dress for the big show Sunday night on Kveller.

Her biggest issue — a dress, otherwise perfect, but leaves her left arm bare:

My initial desire was to cover all the way to the elbow, which is a general tznius standard. I may be able to cover my shoulder of the left arm but not all the way to the elbow.

But her sartorial restrictions aren’t the only hurdle left to clear.

Add to my freakishly huge breasts (okay, that’s going a bit too far; again, I am being melodramatic for effect) my tznius restrictions, the more famous celebrities taking some of the major designers off the racks, and the fact that I am not in the position to hire someone to custom make me a dress to fit my figure and restrictions, this is not easy. It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy.


We (and God) are looking forward to see what Bialik and her stylist have chosen for the red carpet.

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