Palestinians need better leaders


To the Editor:

Michael Weil posits that Israel should support statehood for Palestine because the Palestinian leaders in such a state would  have to prove to the world that they can create a stable economy and establish a democracy. This mushy thinking puts the cart before the horse.

The Palestinian authorities have a long and notorious record. They have stated time and again that they will not coexist with Israel. They teach anti-Semitism in their schools. They celebrate al-Qaeda. They deny equality to women, homosexuals and others. They are corrupt beyond imagination.

These leaders have proven they are unwilling to take any of the steps that Weil believes would miraculously flow from statehood. If they can’t even pay lip service to these notions at a time when there is no Palestinian state, there is certainly nothing that could pressure them to do so afterward. They will always blame their numerous inadequacies on the Jews.

Not until the Palestinians decide to get serious about their own welfare and aspirations, and elect skilled and honest leaders, will there be any sane basis for Israel to go along with statehood.

Russ Falconer
Cave Creek, Ariz.

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