Stop personal attacks


To the Editor:

Re "Australian lawmakers argue over U.N. vote“: It’s a pity that Michael Danby has resorted to a personal attack in order to cover up his party’s failure to support Israel’s position on the upcoming United Nations vote for Palestinian statehood. His experience in Parliament clearly is no substitute for good judgment.‬

It is clear that the prime minister and foreign minister are at loggerheads on what to do, whereas Julie Bishop has made clear the coalition’s position of supporting a no vote.‬

It’s time that Danby stopped thinking about securing a position in a future Rudd government and spoke up against his foreign minister on an issue he claims to care much about. In the end, Danby should know that good policy will always trump personal attack.‬

Josh Frydenberg
MP, Federal Member for Kooyong
Camberwell,‬ Australia

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