Arrested Development to return to the big and small screen


The cast of Arrested Development

My favorite dysfunctional Jewish family, the Bluths, will be returning to television.

Yesterday the entire cast and series creator of Arrested Development, which went off the air five years ago, appeared at the New Yorker Festival where they announced that in addition to a feature length film, which will be released in 2013, a 10-episode run of the series will appear on television.

This was exciting news to fans of the cult show whose final episodes were unceremoniously aired opposite the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics. (I ended up choosing the show over the athletes. Oh Fox, how could you do this to me?)

The cast also performed their infamous “chicken dance” for those lucky enough to get tickets. (Yes, I am bitter about this.)

Here is the best “chicken dance” scene from the series’ three-year run.

Has anyone in this family even seen a chicken?

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