Matt Stone and Trey Parker admit they dropped acid before the 2000 Oscars


Trey Parker, left, and Matt Stone, right, wearing gowns at the 2000 Oscars

Only two days before the 15th season of South Park continues (expect a special feature) and the creators of the hit animated show that shows no mercy to any belief or religion finally talk about their infamous appearance at the 2000 Academy Awards.

Reminder: The song “Blame Canada” from the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut was nominated for the Oscars for best original song. It was one of the first times Stone and Parker were recognized for their work on the show, especially by such a respected organization.

What attracted most of the attention was what the duo was wearing: gowns. Not just gowns, but ones that were almost identical to gowns worn once by Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow. If most of you thought they just did it because they’re, well, Matt and Tray, then you are wrong. The two appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and testified that there was an “external” reason that made them do it:

“We had tuxes as a backup because we thought we were gonna chicken out… And we were like let’s not do that. Let’s not do that. But then we we’re like, ‘let’s take a little bit of acid.’ So we did that and, of course, an hour later we were like, ‘We gotta wear the dresses!’ The thing is we didn’t take a lot of acid. So we were coming down on the acid in the audience and were like, ‘No fun. No fun. Oh God please don’t let us win. Please don’t let us win.’

And they didn’t, they lost to Phil Collins and his Tarzan soundtrack (they later laughed about it in an episode titled “Timmy 2000”). While their comedy remained the same, Matt and Tray calmed down for their next big award show, as they appeared in tuxes at the Tonys earlier this year, where they won best musical for The Book of Mormon.

Rumor has it that Book of Mormon is going to hit the big screen — maybe there’s a chance to make a comeback with some flashy designer dresses?

Watch their interview with Jimmy Kimmel:

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