Happy Madison to create a TV show based on Texts From Last Night blog


It’s happening again. A TV network it has the next great show that will appeal to the younger audience and will be too hilarious/epic/shareable for its own good.

This time the network is Fox, which is teaming up Sony Pictures with Adam Sandler and his production company Happy Madison to create a show that is based on the user-generated blog Texts From Last Night.

The blog, which peaked in popularity some time around the fall of 2009, recollects a plethora of texts there were sent by people, usually under the influence.

One of the TFLN texts

According to deadline.com, there has been attempts to make the show for over two years now (which would explain the whole “TFLN is so 2 years ago” thing), and the person who was assigned to deal with this horrible idea is Silvio Horta, creator of The Chronicle and the American version of ABC’s Ugly Betty.

Reminder: Just last year CBS had its own version of the popular blog $#*! My Dad Says, featuring William Shatner. The show bombed and got taken down after 18 episodes. In addition, many shows frequently refer Facebook and Twitter in their episodes.

So how many episodes of Text From Last Night should we expect? And is anyone going to watch it? Will the ratings be more than the 5-6 people who still visit the actual blog?

And most importantly, if it’s failing, will Adam Sandler have a plan to save it?

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