Natasha Lyonne on New Girl


Lyonne on New Girl about to show Schmidt the earrings he will be wearing later

Tuesday night’s episode of New Girl, the FOX comedy starring Zooey Deschanel, featured a very rarely seen actress in a guest role: Natasha Lyonne.

Lyonne, who was born Natasha Braunstein and was raised in an Orthodox household, made her name in Slums of Beverly Hills and the American Pie films.

However after the success of the Pie franchise, she became known for her drug use, stints in rehab, legal troubles and erratic behavior.

Given this unfortunate history, it made it extra nice to see her on the show with the most memorable part and lines of the night.

Lyonne played Gretchen, Schmidt’s wedding hookup partner. Favorite among the many ways Gretchen humiliates Schmidt — she makes him wear her clip-on (!) earrings.

I thought that only my mom wore clip-ons.


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