Cantor’s Israel nod gets standing ovation at Values Voter Summit


 The Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit is underway in Washington today.

I’m following it through the twitterverse at this hache-tag — #vvs11.

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the House majority leader and (repeat after me) the only Jewish Republican in Congress, got a standing ovation with this line:

We have and we always should stand by Israel.

He also calls on President Obama to "lead from the front" on Israel and says "Israel is a country under siege … She and her people are fighting the same war we are."

FRC being what it is, the Twitterverse suggests he gets even bigger applause later for pledging to cut all funding to Planned Parenthoood.

UPDATE: Ben Smith at Politico Tweets that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is also getting in an Israel nod. Tweets Ben:

First stop, Israel: "Keeping Israel secure" is "key" to "keeping America secure," Perry says.

As we note elsewhere, Mitt Romney, Perry’s chief rival for the GOP presidential nod, got his Israel props in at the Citadel earlier today.

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