Scarlett Johansson, expensive date


NEW YORK ( — Interested in taking Scarlett Johansson out for an evening on the town? It’s going to cost you — $41K to be exact.

That’s how much ScarJo went for at a British charity auction for breast cancer research after a small bidding war erupted over the actress, who was not present.

The winner was Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, who agreed to share his evening with Ms. Johansson with businessman Harry Becher, with each guy paying half of the cost, according to E! Online.

A note to ScarJo — order the lobster. These guys can certainly afford it.

Back to school with Amar’e

Amar’e Stoudemire, the New York Knicks star who says he is exploring his Jewish roots,  is heading back to school at Florida International University while player union reps sort out the labor dispute with NBA owners. “I’m back at school at FIU, studying history and science,” Stoudemire, who has been seen on campus, told The New York Post’s Anthony Sulla-Heffinger.

Stoudemire also is filming bit movie and television roles.

Mysterious flower for Ivanka

Ivanka Trump and NewYork Observer owner Jared Kushner were photographed on the streets of New York pushing their newborn baby Arabella Rose in her stroller. The Daily Mail, which did a fashion rundown on the stylish couple, also noted that Kushner “held some flowers in one hand — perhaps a gift for his wife.”

Well, no.

As many online commenters correctly observed, Kushner was not holding flowers for his wife but a lulav.

But maybe this photo will start a trend. Perhaps many young women will now ask their boyfriends for palm fronds instead of roses. (What could be more romantic than a “flower” with a pointy end that can put out your eye?)

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