Amid abortion contretemps, Rove hits Cain on ‘right of return’ and neocon slip-ups


Herman Cain has landed himself in hot water over some surprisingly liberal remarks on abortion, which now have the pizza godfather and — according to some polls — current Republican frontrunner scrambling to shore up his anti-abortion bona fides.

GOP powerbroker and Fox News commentator Karl Rove sees Cain’s abortion screw-up as only the latest in a series of gaffes that, taken together, “created an image of him as not being up to this task.”

Among the incidents Rove noted — which he helpfully listed on a dry-erase board — was Cain’s stumble on an interview question back in May related to the Palestinian “right of return.” (Cain later confessed that the question caught him off guard and that he wasn’t informed on the issue.)

Another statement cited by Rove was Cain’s recent admission on “Meet the Press” that he wasn’t familiar with the neoconservative movement. Maybe someone should get Cain a subscription to Commentary.

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