Watch the Kid Cudi horror film directed by Shia LaBeouf


Finally no negative news about Shia LaBeouf!

It seems like LaBeouf became somewhat of the male version of Lindsay Lohan with all the bad attention he’s been getting, but not all is bad for Shia. Not only is LaBeouf still a working actor (unlike LeLo), he’s also been expanding his abilities, lately turning to directing short films.

Yesterday, his 10-minute horror short “Maniac” was released, inspired by Kid Cudi’s track with the same name. The short stars Kid Cudy and rapper Cage’ as two French serial killers who are followed by a Film crew..

“MANIAC is a short film inspired by the song. It is not a music video and it has no reference to the song content,” Cudi said.

LaBeouf told MTV News why he chose Cage’ to act along Cudi: “He is one of my good friends. Cage, Chris Palko, and I had been trying to make a movie about him for a while… Cudi hit [Cage] up and did a song with him. Cage sent me the song, called ‘Maniac,’ so initially, we started prepping this video, which is really like a short horror movie.”

So what do you think, is film directing a good occupational therapy for LaBeouf? Watch the short:

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