Awkward: Weiner and pregnant wife go out, sit next to Breitbart


Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin on their way to dinner

It’s been almost six months since the infamous Weinergate was occupying every corner of the daily tabloids (with all those hilarious phallic puns!), and it seems like the former New York State Congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin are on the road to recovery. Kinda.

A paparazzi photo caught the two on their way to a date night in Washington D.C., and Huma’s preggers belly is looking big and mighty. The two are expecting their first child by New Year’s. This was the first public appearance for the two since September.

But you can’t say Weiner and not have some kind of minor scandal. Also at the restaurant (Cafe Milano in Georgetown) was Andrew Breitbart, the publisher who was one of the key players during Weinergate.


Breitbart immediately tweeted: “I kid you not. At Cafe Milano in DC. NOW.@RepWeiner two tables away from me. Oh, and they know. They know. Life is weird.”

Lucky for Weiner, Breitbart is not without soul. He later tweeted that he is: “Politely letting him & his wife eat in peace.”

Dang, that could have been the food fight of a lifetime.

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