Seth Rogen won’t tell a joke on your Bar Mitzvah


Jewish Canadian actor Seth Rogen sat down with the South African Times and shared some personal facts about himself and what he has learned over the years.

Rogen reveals that he is a pretty dramatic person who doesn’t handle stress well. He is also pretty lazy and is not a big fan of social networking. Sounds like a great person to be around.

He also talks about losing weight for his Green Hornet role (he had to lose 30lbs for that one) and how he would never lie to a girl for sex (he better not, he’s married).

And most importantly, if you were hoping he could be persuaded to perform for your son or daughter’s special day, forget about it:

I now only do things that are creatively interesting and worthwhile and feel natural. I’d rather be poor and happy. I won’t do jokes for barmitzvahs any more!

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