LeBron taking his talents to the JCC


LeBron James hitting up the JCC (photo from Lockerz)

With 24 hours left before the deadline imposed by NBA owners, and with the  complete season on the line, some NBA players are staying busy making ads.

A new Nike spot, titled “Basketball Never Stops,” shows players shooting hoops in random places around the world. Which is kinda weird. I thought they were busy negotiating millions of additional dollars for their contracts.

Anyway, as it happens, one of those “random places” is the Mandel JCC of Cleveland, where LeBron James recently stopped in to toss some balls around with the Jews. Here’s LeBron’s tweet.

Just got done hooping in the JCC league. So funny but good run @RichPaul4 had a few 3’s #BasketballNeverStops

Glad you found it funny, LeBron. I’m also glad you’re still pulling in the cash while the NBA season hangs in the balance. Maybe now that you’re flush, you can tell the owners you’re cool with the money you have because I — and the rest of the 99 percent — really want the NBA back.

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