Segel-Kermit 2012!


Jason Segal and Kermit (GQ)

With only two more weeks left before the new Muppets movie is out, GQ Magazine sat down with stars Jason Segel and Kermit the Frog for a hilarious interview (and they totally stole my headline idea – “How I Met Your Muppet”).

It seems like the two interact really well, as Kermit took his Muppetesque innocence a step back and was able to answer questions that are slightly more, umm, mature. Did you know that Kermit’s favorite Segel movie is Forgetting Sarah Marshall? And no, it’s not because of the Dracula puppets scene. It’s Segal’s ability to walk around naked, something Kermit has been doing for years. Heck, he even works naked!

Kermit also revealed a crazy puppet sex fact about him and Miss Piggy: most of the time it’s not him making sweet love to the pig, but a body-double:

“I have (used a body double), mostly in the love scenes with Miss Piggy. In a really, really wide shot, we can use a watermelon.”

Segel and Kermit are great together, people! They need to lead our nation to a glorious Jewish-froggy future!

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