Israeli band creates medley of over 40 memes, becomes a meme itself


The Israeli band The GAG Quartet posted a YouTube video yesterday featuring more than 40 different memes. The clip, titled “Le Internet Medley,” already has over 600,000 views and has made it to the front page of

Only a month ago, another famous Israeli meme, the Bibi-bombing, got a similar honor. Bibi is also bombing this video, on the right side of the screen at the 2:58 mark.

On the band’s Facebook page, members Gilad Chehover (drums), Guy Bernfeld (bass) and Or Paz (guitar) describe the band as “a very silly band, playing very silly music.”

I already caught the Nyan Cat, Loituma Girl, Piano Cat, AutotuneTheNews, Rage comics faces, Trololo guy, Numa yea kid, dancing banana, honeybadger, bouncing smilies, Chuck Testa, Rebecca Black and All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

Not exactly 40… What did I miss?

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