Jason Segel finally joins Twitter, already has over 230,000 followers



Jason Segel's Twitter photo

It seems like the Twitterverse has been suffering from a big void after Ashton Kutcher decided to be everyone’s enemy and tweet a pro-JoePa blab. Well worry no more, tweeterers, because Jason Segel is coming to the rescue!

The “How I Met Your Mother” and upcoming “Muppet Movie” star finally decided to join Twitter last Friday, within 24 hours had over 180,000 followers. The number is now up to over 230,000 followers. Not bad.

So far no Penn State or other controversial tweets were written. In fact, it seems to be a pretty sugar-coated account, with tweets like: “Hello tweet universe! This is Jason Segel and this is my first official tweet! Thank you for having me. I look forward to meeting you all!” And also one about losing his bags after landing in New York (Segel is hosting SNL this weekend).

Yep, he seems to be a normal person, only that he is working with The Muppets, so he is probably better than you.

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