Political Points: Rosen hosts Obama, Schumer vs. McCain, Schumer vs. McConnell


OBAMA AT JACK’S: President Obama talked up his support for Israel at the New York home of former American Jewish Congress president Jack Rosen.

JOKE AMONG JONS: Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” encouraged its Twitter followers to send questions for “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm to the Twitter hashtag being used for the Twitter townhall of fellow “Jon” and Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman.

MCCAIN VS. SCHUMER: Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York went after Sen. John McCain of Arizona for maligning Long Island.


MCCONNELL VS. SCHUMER: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell accused Sen. Chuck Schumer of trying to sabotage the budget supercomittee.

LIEBERMAN’S SIMPSON-BOWLES BILL: Sen. Joe Lieberman is planning to release a deficit reduction bill based on the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles commission.

CANTOR’S BUDGET PLAN: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is trying to line up bipartisan backing for a plan that would extend payroll tax cuts and jobless benefits while delaying cuts to military spending.

MOVING MARYLAND’S JEWS: Congressional redistricting in Maryland has shifted heavily Jewish areas around, concentrating them in two congressional districts, and moving them out of a district represented by Democrat Donna Edwards who has had rocky relations with some segments of the pro-Israel community.

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