Gingrich has it right on Palestinians


To the Editor:

Why all the fuss about what Gingrich said? The "Palestinians" are indeed an invented people, created in 1964 by the PLO Charter. It’s about time some people in positions of responsibility spoke out to burst the Arab propaganda bubble.

David Singer
Sydney, Australia


Newt Gingrich’s remarks about the Middle East are historically correct and, contrary to much of the opinion so quickly expressed by others, I believe can provide a much-needed "reset" for the discussions between and about Israelis and Palestinians. It is clear that decades of political correctness and mythology have led us no closer to peace. Perhaps approaching the problem from the point of view of truth and fact might open the way for real progress.

Irwin Pikus

Bethesda, Md.


 I don’t like Gingrich, but he is absolutely right. The so-called Palestinians are an invented nation, the same as the Lebaneese and the Jordanians.

Jerry Meents
Ogden, Utah

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