Woman publishes a slightly creepy ‘How to Look Like Drake’ video


Who doesn’t wanna be Drake? I mean, he has everything: the money, the talent, the looks. Yep, everyone wants to be Drake, and now thanks to a new video, anyone can actually look like him, even Asian women!

Tamang Phan, an amateur make-up artist who is famous for making online videos of how to look like starlets like Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie and even Neytiri, that blue chick from Avatar, has outdone herself by instructing girls how to look like Drake.

The transformation actually turns out surprisingly well. Who knew that by drawing a hairline, using dark make up to make your nose bigger and drawing a little beard, anyone could like Drake? Now that she crossed the line and started cross… make-upping, Phan should tackle the more interesting looking hip-hop artists. I demand to see how I can turn into Lil Wayne or Snoop!

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