Many Jewish GOP donors are still noncommittal


It’s conventional wisdom that Mitt Romney is the preferred candidate among Jewish Republicans (with some notable exceptions). But is the conventional wisdom correct?

Tablet’s Allison Hoffman does some serious research and finds that many top Republican Jewish donors have been noncommittal so far:

… A Tablet review of campaign-finance records for 175 major Republican Jewish donors shows that, according to the most recent campaign filings, more than 55 percent have yet to give to any primary candidate. Of that 55 percent, nearly two-thirds—64 donors—had already given to a candidate by this time in the 2008 presidential cycle. Among them, more than a dozen have not repeated their support for Romney this year, a group that includes high-profile figures like Richard Fox, a Pennsylvania developer who co-founded the Republican Jewish Coalition; California real-estate mogul Fred Sands; and Ronald Krancer, an heir to the Annenberg fortune who has been a major Republican player in Pennsylvania.


Of course, as Hoffman notes, GOP Jewish givers aren’t the only ones taking some time to make up their minds. She writes that GOP elected officials have also been slow to declare their loyalties. And, as we’ve seen by the tumultuous state of the GOP race, the same holds true for Republicans in general.

And among the big Jewish givers who have donated, there is a pretty wide Diaspora of loyalties.

So GOP Jewish givers, it turns out, may not be so different from Republicans in general. (Tablet even found a Jewish Paul donor!)

Tablet’s article is well worth reading in full.

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