James Franco launches his own TV website


Good news for people who can’t get enough of the Franco! After the movies, TV shows, books, Academy Award hosting and even the James Franco 101 class at Columbia, the Francophiles can now occupy themselves with 24 hours of online Franco stuff!

James Franco launched his video website, Rabbit TV (Rabbit Bandini is his production company), which will feature his newest video project, a reality show called “Undergrads,” which follows the lives of four University of Southern California (or University of Spoiled Children, if you insist) coeds in a Real World kind of way.

So far the website features a few instagram photos and one video, which is good enough for me.

Franco is also finally back on Twitter with his @JamesFrancoTV handle, meaning he may take back the statement he made to Politico last year: “Social media is over. Still up there. Going down. You heard it here first.”

“Undergrads” will be released every Thursday at 8PM on Franco’s website. He may even tweet about it.



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