The Amazing (Jewish) Spider-Man releases first trailer


The trailer for the new movie The Amazing Spider-Man” came out during the Super Bowl and while I didn’t initially want to write about a trailer for a superhero movie that is due in about five months, I changed my mind because:

1. The trailer looks awesome.

2. Andrew Garfield + Emma Stone > Tobey Maguire + Kirsten Dunst.

3. Garfield is Jewish. I know we may have discussed it earlier, but Spider-Man is Jewish too, and you can definitely tell from the trailer. He’s just spinsecure about everything, in a sort of a Jesse Eisenberg-Mark Zuckerbergy kinda way.

The new adaptation of the famous Marvel comic book, written by Stan Lee (also Jewish) and co-produced by the Israeli Avi Arad (ditto), who happens to be Marvel’s CEO, seems to actually pay respects to the story in a way similar to the way the new Batman redeemed itself from the old 1990s Batman movies (or at least the last two of the series). According to the trailer, the movie will focus on Peter Parker’s past. There are also lizards and Emma Stone, so it seems like a movie that has no reason to suck.

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