Santorum’s CPAC message: I can beat Obama


 Rick Santorum threw red meat at the CPAC crowd this morning, but not of the kosher variety.

Santorum’s been a leader on blasting President Obama’s Iran policy, but today he focused more on how he was better positioned than Mitt Romney to beat Obama in November, with a particular focus on health care.

In his speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference, the presidential hopeful and former Sen. (R-Pa.) sought to highlight what he said were the failed policies of Obama and contrast himself with his main rival in the Republican primary, the former Massachusetts governor. 

Flanked by members of his family and receiving loud applause from the CPAC crowd, Santorum talked primarily about domestic issues and did not highlight any foreign policy issues. 


Santorum focused his attention on the Affordable Care Act and he received a substantial standing ovation when he criticized the law and told the crowd that Obama’s prime legislative achievement was “about government control of your lives and it’s got to stop.” 

In addition, Santorum criticized Romney for “supporting the step-child of Obamacare” and implied that if Romney was the nominee, the party would be giving away the issue of health care to the Democrats in the fall campaign. 

Santorum’s clean sweep of the Tuesday primary contests in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota placed him a prime position to challenge Romney in the upcoming primaries with Super Tuesday less than a month away.  

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