Google vs Facebook: Which is more Jewish?


 Dovid Efune, director of the Algemeiner Journal, says he has the answer (hint: Mark Zuckerberg won’t like it):

The path to Facebook on the other hand often begins in a vacuum and is essentially the refuge of the intellectually lazy or becomes our destination during our intellectually lazy moments, as the article continues "rather than search for a news article, you wait for your friends to tell you what to read." …

Google, however, represents a stark contrast. In the book "Start Up Nation," Yoelle Maarek, head of Google Israel’s research and development center, explains the Jewish roots of "search," saying, "As Israelis and Jews, we are the people of the Book. We like to consult texts. We like to search." The book’s authors also point out that, "In 2008 Google Israel sold $100 million in advertising, about double the previous year and 10 percent of the total advertising market in Israel — a higher market share than Google has in most countries."

Throughout history, intellectual rigor and tireless exploration of the world we live in have been qualities that Jews have striven toward. As such, whilst both Facebook and Google are creations of young Jewish whiz kids, Google is the platform that should appeal most to the aspirational Jew within.


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