Stewart does Lieberman


Okay kids, here is a shocking secret about yours truly: I haven’t really met many celebrities. Sure, if you count hiding in the hedges and looking through binoculars into Brad Pitt’s living room as an in-depth conversation, I’ve rubbed elbows with a few A-listers. But overall? I’ve never really run with the “in” crowd.

However, I did have the chance to meet Joe Lieberman. Through what can only be attributed to very lucky Jewish geography, Joe and I had a lil something in common and ended up chatting in a hotel lobby. This was years ago, before he become all independent and whatnot. Although we may disagree on some political issues (no kosher cafeteria in the Pentagon? C’mon Joe. Work with me here.) he struck me as a very kind and upstanding fellow. But I’m not gonna lie: Jon Stewart really nailed it with this impression.

Check out “Jon doing Joe” around minute 3:10:









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