R.L. Stine tweets an entire horror story


Yep, books are officially dead, even the ones that attempted to attract kids to read.

Now you don’t even need a Kindle or an iPad to do that fancy reading action — not if you have Twitter.

Author R.L. Stine, mostly known for his Fear Street and Goosebumps series, decided skip the publishers and offer his Twitter followers an entire horror book in a series of Tweets. Well, it’s not exactly a book, it was just nine tweets, not all of them 140 characters, but that’s pretty much what kids are used to these days.

Stine, a pretty heavy Twitter user, didn’t alert his 45,000 followers about the little horror gesture, and only yesterday word started spreading.

The “book” itself is pretty sweet. It’s about a girl named Amber Dyson dealing with a mysterious kitchen phenomenon..

Click here to read the story. Beware, you’re in for a scare.

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