“We had your back on circumcision”


It would have been fun to have a voice backing contraceptive coverage in this discussion on Fox News Channel.

Instead we get two opponents of such coverage (at least by religious institutions), Grace Marie Turner of the Galen Institute and Rabbi Steven Burg of the Orthodox Union.

Echo chamber concerns aside, Rabbi Burg had a great detail about how the OU got involved:

BURG: It was a surreal conversation, where we got called — you may recall, back in San Francisco there was a push to ban circumcision. And that for us was a real issue, and we reached out to the Catholics, and they supported us. And we recently got a call and they said,  look we had yoiur back on circumcision, you need to back us up on contraception.

HOST: From the archdiocese?

BURG: Yeah and that is, first of all, the most surreal, weird conversation I’ve ever been a part of, but the bottom line is this, whether it be contraception or circumcision,t he religious community needs to unite, and make sure, this country is  an amazing country because of this separation of church and state, and we need to guard it.

For our coverage (which features both sides!) see here. Below, the Fox discussion:

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