Jonah Hill on SNL: chubbier, ballsier, Jewier?


Hill as a Jewish six-year old

Just a week after Lindsay Lohan’s much-anticipated SNL appearance, Jonah Hill took the 30 Rock stage and brought a lot of his, umm, old self.

Hill surprised many viewers with a few extra pounds, which made him look like his funny old self again and act like it too. A monologue that featured Tom Hanks (Kind of a cheap trick in my opinion. Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? Especially a sassy one who laughs at Hill for not winning an Oscars) was followed by a digital short that involves Hill getting countless tennis balls shot directly to his crotch (including a special one by John McEnroe). Honestly, call me a six-year-old, but I thought it was hilarious.

Speaking of six-year olds, Hill brought back his good ol’ outspoken New Yorkish Jewish kid at Benihanas routine by trying to embarrass his dad (Bill Hader) as much as possible.

Notable quotes: To Benihana cook: “I love your showmanship but please be careful with those knives, you’re giving me flashbacks from my bris! I don’t know if I should clap or cover my schmeckel!”

“Based on what I read on my father’s JDate profile, his hobbies include ‘stretching the truth.'”

On taking his dad’s Viagra: “I was just looking for a Flintstones chewable to help me to get through a tough Wednesday and I took a Schwartz pill by accident … Let’s just say it made for an interesting day at Hebrew school.”

Ah, we missed you, Jonah.

Unfortunately, the show brought below-average ratings, averaging 4.3 (as opposed to 5.5 with Lohan).

Another notable performance was Andy Samberg’s bizarre Sarah Palin impersonation. Worth a look at the video and the rest of Hill’s sketches after the jump.

Hill’s monologue

Hill gets pounded by tennis balls

Hill as a Jewish six-year old

Special bonus – Andy Samberg as Sarah Palin

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