New Hampshire town votes to rename Jew Pond


(JTA) — Residents of a small New Hampshire town voted to rename a recreational water hole called Jew Pond.

Mont Vernon residents voted 104-33 on Tuesday night for the name change following a charged debate that was interrupted for a half hour due to a false fire alarm, according to reports. A new name was not chosen, The Associated Press reported.

The body of water has been known as Jew Pond since the 1920s, though there are no signs to that effect. The name, however, does appear on maps.

The Mont Vernon Board of Selectmen will turn to the U.S. Board of Geographic Names to change the pond’s name.

Dug near a hotel and golf complex, the manmade pond originally was called Spring Pond. It reportedly became known as Jew Pond after two Jewish businessmen bought the hotel and its grounds. They intended to make the pond bigger and call it Lake Serene, town officials told the AP.

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