Drake’s overly-sensual GQ interview


Ah, GQ. When you send one of your female reporters to interview Drake, is tit even a surprise that his main goal would wind up not doing the interview, but doing, umm, the reporter?

Here are some of the amenities Drake’s house has to offer the ladies: waterfalls, bronze animals (including a giraffe), outdoor fireplace and a waterslide. I admit, it’s mostly pretty tacky, but the guy has a waterslide in his home. Or as he told the reporter, “If you went down the waterslide, how amazing would that be for your article?” Classy, Drizz, classy.

It seems like the Young Money artist is not afraid to show off his young money, but he did work hard for it, starting as a young actor and later as a recording artist, after he was picked up by Lil’ Wayne.

The interview isn’t all Drake trying to pick up the reporter. He has some observations to make as well, like this one about the state of rap: “Rap now is just being young and fly and having your shit together,” he says. “The mood of rap has changed.” Yeah, tell that to Lil’ Wayne before he goes back to jail.

I have to admit, Drake kinda seems like he matured. I mean, he says he is not as promiscuous as he used to be (and adds an interesting analysis as to why, but you’ll have to read it yourself), but all the smooth talk didn’t help him with his initial goal, as reporter Claire Hoffman describes:

“Would I have you already?” he asks. “Areyou sleeping with me?”

“Time to go!”



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