Bar Refaeli, Mossad agent


Here's another excuse to put Bar Refaeli's photo in our blog.

Call her Agent B., I guess. Bar Refaeli will join the cast of “Spear,” a French-Israeli film about the Mossad assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in 2010. The story was kind of a snafu for the Israelis. Though the Hamas official was in fact killed, the Mossad agents were anything but smooth about the whole thing, leaving a pretty obvious trail of evidence. Israel, by the way, never publicly confirmed it is behind the whole thing.

According to the Israeli press, in the movie the agents are a bunch of Israeli and French crooks, including a hacker, a forger and the seductive student (Refaeli).

Is this going to be a parody about the Mossad? And furthermore, is it gonna be so bad it will become a cult? Who cares? It features Bar Refaeli.

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