Gene Simmons’ most recent target: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


It’s that time again.

For all of you who were waiting to hear what KISS’ Gene Simmons will rant about this time, you will not be disappointed. After the long-tongued band leader called Rihanna a “fake karaoke” last week, his current beef is with the Rock N’ Roll all of Fame in Cleveland.

In a few weeks, the newest class — including Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beastie Boys — will be inducted. KISS continues to be snubbed, much to Simmons’ dismay: “It’s become a joke,” he told Rolling Stone. “We’ll just buy it and fire everybody.”

Simmons adds his frustration with the ones who were inducted: “for something to be called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is such an insult to Madonna, Blondie and Tone Loc. Who the fuck knows what other disco act is in there? It’s an insult to them because they don’t get to be in the ‘Dance Hall of Fame,’ because that’s what they do,” Simmons says. “They’re legitimate dance, disco artists. They don’t belong in rock and roll.”

Well, that will probably keep KISS from being inducted for a few more years. Be sure to join us next week to read what Gene Simmons will complain about next!


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