Why only four Dems on ‘bipartisan’ Israel birthday card? (Could it be the swipe at Obama?)


Israel’s Independence Day is around the corner, and little plastic hammers being in short supply around DC (and likely flagged on a Homeland Security watch list), the way we celebrate is through non-binding congressional resolutions.

So far as I can tell, the first out of the box this year is Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (R-N.Y.), who is circulating a resolution among her fellows in the U.S. House of Representatives.

So far, she’s got 58 co-sponsors, all but four Republican — which is upsetting her staff. Today is the deadline to sign. A last-ditch appeal obtained by JTA reads as follows:

Rep. Buerkle would greatly appreciate your support.  Although this is truly a bipartisan resolution, thus far we have only a handful of Democrat cosponsors. It would be very significant to have your boss sign on. 

So what’s holding back the Dems? Not the resolution — it’s got everything, warmth, congratulations, peace, democracy, the right to strike Iran if nothing else is to be done.

No, I’m told it’s this line in the accompanying letter:

Sadly, the Obama Administration has strained our relationship with Israel. 

So much for truly bipartisan. But more to the point — it’s a birthday! And birthdays are where "sadlys" are happily unwelcome!

The four Democrats, by the way are Richard Neal (Mass.), Bobby Rush (Ill.), Tim Holden (Pa.) and Dan Boren (Okla.)

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