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The media love one of their own, particularly those who let it all hang out and live the life they wish they could. Here are some additional links to articles about Bert Sugar, who died March 25 at 75:


Wall Street Journal: “His models as a newsman were the beat writers from hot-type days. Fedoras were a journalistic necessity, he once said, because they protected writers from filaments of lead drizzling from typesetting machines upstairs, not that he had ever worked in such a newsroom.

Forbes: The first time we had lunch, nearly 20 years ago at the bar of Manhattan’s old Cedar Tavern, he pounded five Cutty Sarks on the rocks in between maybe three bites of a hamburger. Then he lit up a cigar, and continued talking as lucidly as if they had been Diet Cokes. It was barely noon.Fast with a name-dropping story or a groan-worthy pun – usually in some combination – you never forgot a night out with Bert, which is saying something given the imbibing it usually entailed. (The Forbes piece also offers pithy quotes from Sugar it titled, “12 Life Lessons From America’s Greatest Raconteur”

ESPN: When famous people, men, die we love to say, "There will never be another one like him," but in Bert Sugar’s case, I’m pretty sure it’s true. Because if Bert Sugar hadn’t invented himself, it would have been impossible for anyone else to invent him.

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